Anne Christenson is a Bluegrass, Country, Jazz and Classical singer based in Stockholm, Sweden.

“I’ve sung from when I was a child. First harmonies with my mother, then choir in the music school “Adolf Fredrik” and later in several rock, pop and country bands. 
Discovering Bluegrass music, my passion for acoustic country music became evident. I love the sound of close harmony singing, the distinctive tone of the accoustic instruments and the respect each musician has for their instruments particular role. With banjo in hand I stepped into the Bluegrass world, inspired by great female vocalists such as Dolly Parton, Emmy-Lou Harris and the Dixie Chicks and co-formed the bluegrass band ”Hillfillies” in 2002 and have played and toured with them at festivals both in Sweden and abroad. Hillfillies released their first CD  ”Just passing through” in 2007 and the second CD "There she goes" in 2014. Both featuring several of my own original songs.  

Thanks to my appreciative and supporting audience singing has enabled me to travel throughout Europe and the USA performing with both my regular bands, my choir and as guest artist.  In the spring of 2014 I had the privilige to go to Nashville and record a solo album together with some of the finest Nashville musicians around including my friend Doug Seegers and Mike Farris. The Album "Anne Christenson & Nashville Friends" was released in the beginning of 2015!
My musical love affair continues and I hope to see you soon at one of my performances!
                   Lots of love to you all!  /Anne”